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The state is forcibly disappearing people. Speaker Pakistan Assembly

Why people are missing or kidnapped? People in Balochistan have been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani army.


The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan and the senior leader of the People’s Party, Raja Pervez Ashraf, answered a question during a recent interview with a Pakistani private TV channel, saying that why people are missing or kidnapped? He said that if they speak against Pakistan, then the state has to take them up.

He said that many people are being used by external agencies. A hybrid war has been imposed on Pakistan. Our army is making sacrifices.

Baloch National Movement’s Central Secretary General Dilamrad Baloch has expressed his views on this interview and said that the Pakistani army and its agencies constantly claim that there are no enforced disappearances in Balochistan, but the Speaker of the Pakistan Assembly himself admits that People in Balochistan have been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani army.

It should be noted that the problem of forced disappearances in Pakistan, including Balochistan, has become a serious situation. However, the state has a conflicting stance on these enforced disappearances. At times, the responsible government and military leadership defends the practice by paying lip service to enforced disappearances, while at other times they deny the existence of enforced disappearances.

It should be remembered that the cases of enforced disappearances in Balochistan have become serious.

Political and social circles say that every section of Baloch society is affected. Thousands of families are suffering from economic, psychological and social problems due to enforced disappearances and Baloch mothers and sisters continue to protest in protest sit-ins and press clubs for the recovery of their loved ones.

In Balochistan, where protests are already going on for the recovery of forcibly disappeared persons, the number of forcibly disappeared persons on a daily basis is increasing.


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