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Religious extremists Mullah Ejaz and Mullah Shahmir involved in the killing of Samir Barkat and Banok Hani Gul Baloch

Death squads and terror squads leaders Mullah Ejaz and Mullah Shahmir

Religious extremists Mullah Ejaz and Mullah Shahmir issued bail
Religious extremists Mullah Ejaz and Mullah Shahmir issued bail

Mullah Ejaz Ali and Mullah Shahmir, two key Mullahs and pioneers of the bloodthirsty army of Pakistan, who are known as death squads, “death squads and terror squads”, were directly involved in the killing of several Baloch youths, especially in the killing of Ruf Barkat, Samir Barkat and Banok Hani Gul. Baloch

Turbat: Mullah Ejaz, a religious leader who is known for dividing the Baloch community through religious hatred and abusing the pulpit of the mosque, was granted bail before his arrest by appearing in court, as well as Mullah Shahmir, a religious extremist who participated in the murder of Abdul Rauf Barkat. On Friday, he appeared in the local court and issued bail, and the bails of these two people were accepted by the court.

Mullah Ejaz and Mullah Shahmir are the main accused in the murder of English teacher Abdul Raouf Barkat, who was killed after speaking against religious extremists in Turbat.

Some time ago, while teaching at the English language center, the students complained to the director of the language center that Abdul Rauf Barkat used inappropriate words against the Prophet of Islam.

According to the director of the mentioned language center, Abdul Rov Barkat denied this claim, but due to the special conditions of the region, the local Ulama Council was contacted to deal with the issue in time.
Abdul Raouf was invited to the seminary and while he was going to the seminary, he was killed by unknown people.

Mullah Shahmir leads a religious armed group and uses very provocative language against a religious sect in the region, and therefore, he is one of the main accused in the assassination of Abdul Rauf.

Regional sources believe that the extremist religious leader wants to divide the Baloch community for his own interests and is involved in the murder of Abdul Rauf.

Also, Mullah Ejaz is known for making provocative, hostile and controversial statements using his religious position against artists, poets and intellectuals.

Mullah Shahmir has the full support of Dr. Abdul Malik, the chief of the army and the Pakistan National Party. Dr. Abdul Malik assured in his meeting with Melashmeer regarding his support in this regard. Also, the picture of him meeting Mullah Shahmir in a pleasant atmosphere has been published on the virtual platforms of Zrumbesh Radio.

It should be noted that Mullah Shahmir is a state terrorist in religious clothes and supported by the Pakistani army. Molashhamir’s father, Aziz Bezenjo, and his brothers also run local death squads and participate in the killing of Baloch freedom fighters under the orders of the Pakistani army.

According to the sources, Mullah Shahmir killed more than 14 people, including a member of the Baloch National Movement Party (BNM) and Maqbool, the son of Miyar, a local school teacher.

In addition, Dad Bakhsh lives in Shadi Kor Pasni, Qos Bakhsh lives in Jamak, Wahg son of Khodadad, Plat lives in Shadi Kor, Bahut son of Pir Muhammad lives in Kaleg, Wali Muhammad lives in Solani, Wahid Wali Sawali lives in Darmkol, Faisal son of Fazl lives in Darmkol, Hasan Farzand Zahir Sekna Pidrak, Shujaat son of Nematullah resident of Darmkol, Khodabakhsh son of Plan resident of Pidrak and Javed son of Pirbakhsh resident of Darmkol are the people Mullah Shahmir is involved in killing.


Hani Baloch on Twitter: “2مارچ کراچی پریس کلب#ReleaseNaseemBaloch#releaseallmissingpersons / Twitter”

2مارچ کراچی پریس کلب#ReleaseNaseemBaloch#releaseallmissingpersons

There is undeniable evidence that Mullah Shahmir’s family are terrorists supported by the Pakistani regime and run local death squads, and Mullah Shahmir himself plays a key role in that. Pakistan Army fully supports people like Mullah Shahmir and Mullah Ejaz.

Based on the above statements, Dr. Abdul Malik’s political relations with Mullah Shahmir’s family and Aziz Bezenjo’s presence in the National Party of Pakistan tarnishes the character of Dr. Abdul Malik as one of the leaders of the National Party and as a political figure.

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A bomb exploded on the way of the convoy of Pakistani army vehicles in Khuzdar

Monday, August 30/Asad 1402 | Zrumbesh Farsi Radio

Khuzdar: Unknown gunmen targeted a convoy of military vehicles of the Pakistan Army in Khuzdar using a roadside bomb.

According to the reporter, unknown gunmen targeted a convoy of armored vehicles of the Pakistan Army near the Jahalavan Complex in Khuzdar with a remote control bomb explosion.

There are reports that soldiers of the occupation army of Pakistan were killed and wounded as a result of this attack.

It should be noted that such attacks against the Pakistani army in these areas are often carried out by armed and freedom-seeking Baloch groups. But so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the said attack.

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