™ looking forward to the successful launch of new look website that is from first and oldest few Balochi Website of our Nation “Balochistan”, where we’ve been absent for a long time. and we are glad to come back and serve our nation by your help.

Please sign up to become member to submit latest news from Balochistan™ (Balochmedia™ ,  Baluchmedia™) has been working proudly since 2003 to serve Baloch nation in better-way and to make this network a bridge for Baloch people around the world.™ publishes the latest news of Balochistan from the most comprehensive global news sources on the Internet.™ soon again will be available in 4 languages: English – Baloch – Urdu – Farsi

BalochMedia Story™

Balochmedia™ officially starting to broadcast on YouTube,™ is a news, analysis, opinions and knowledge venture. It is sharply focused on Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, international laws and  governments policies on Balochistan’s issues, Balochmedia’s™ leadership and teams are the Balochistan’s most experienced, respected journalists and social activists.

Balochmedia™ want peace, loves and respect for Baloch people’s and Balochistan. Balochmedia™ believes in equal rights, self-determination and the right to Federal System in ways Federalism System like United States, Germany, … and Australia.

Why can’t you live in peace, why you (Pakistan, Iran Now Taliban) destroying the peace of Balochistan, don’t hurt Balochistan’s anymore!

Balochistan and Baloch is an identity for the Baloch peoples, do not try to suppress the Baloch identities, YES, Baloch peoples love peace, freedom and grew up in peace and saw fires and fights; remember that the Baluchis have no respect for the dictatorship.

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