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Why (PMC) is our Enemy?: Gul Bano Baloch

PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission) recently the name was changed from PMDC into PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission).

Students deserve to shine at schools, colleges, academies and libraries and, serve for their nations but ironically because of our government our students are on the roads, in courts or in Police stations.

PMC is another name of injustice which is earning money from the future of medical students. Medical entry test had always been taken physically but in 2021 PMC changed the rule by taking online from physical. Secondly, the test was not held in a specific day for whole Pakistan rather PMC said that we will continue the test for an entire month because of the situations of Covid-19, and each day few students were called to take the test.

According to them that was an online test but that was not online actually. They provided tablets to the students for attempting test but the internet was disappearing aging and again. Similarly, the electricity was not constant either.
However, firstly they have issued the syllabus for the test and the students were guided to go accordingly. Students were prepared according to the syllabus but the test was completely out of it.

The given questions of the test were easily solvable and the students believed that we can do it but the arrival of results change the entire world of those students, their dreams of future were buried in seconds. The whole system of PMC were destroyed even though their counting was incorrect. The result of some of the students had been shown and they were failed even before giving the test. A few students were able to pass the test because of the recommendations and because of their relatives who has access to the medical colleges.

Additionally, the results were sent in student’s Gmail only after 30 mints of the test. Here a question arises that how did one checked the entire test in just 30 minutes without even having proper internet during the test? And how did one made 210 mcqs in one night? When there was physical test they took 1 month for preparing only 100 mcqs and PMC is making 210 mcqs within 12 hours only.

While preparing for medical entry test students face a lot of hurdles they suffer from a great number of troubles including depression, anxiety and indisposition attacks on their health, they ignore every kind of events and even their families in order to have an appropriate preparation. They apply for the entry test and the when the results come it is stated that you are failed. PMC’s owner Ali Raza said that the students of Balochistan are callow and, when media questioned about the tyranny that he did with students he couldn’t answer and left the conference hall. Students couldn’t tolerate such kind of injustice that PMC is playing with futures.

They took action and starts sitting on the roads, they did protests for maximum 28 days, during the protests Police of Balochistan also showed up their evil sides. They torture the students while they were sitting for the purpose of questioning for their rights. Government was well-aware about the injustice of PMC but didn’t take any action. However, student stepped toward the high court but the courts of Pakistan are also corrupt. No one was available to do something for the students, to talk for the rights of students. Ironically, some of the students commit suicide and, some of them went toward other fields of study and some repeating the same one once again.

Similarly, PMC started playing another match with young doctors.

When PMC was PMDC in 2017 and 2018 medical colleges were functional and PMDC didn’t even bother to visited the colleges and the colleges were unregistered. After dissolving of PMDC , PMC started its own rules and regulations. One of the rules was that they will not admit students in unregister colleges but PMDC at that time admit all the students in unregister colleges. PMC state that it is not in my act and we are not going to agree for any such things and concluded that it is irregular because of being the student of unregister colleges. After that there was a meeting of PMC with our Government officials, principles and health Ministers that PMC is going to penalize because of giving admission the students in unregister colleges and the penalty is that per students should pay 15 lac.

Their injustice was now touching the sky and even above. In every colleges there may exist 200 to 300 students, if per student pay 15 lac PMC would obviously be happy to become a money bag. PMC further said that if one in not able to pay 15 lac, we will take special exams from all those students, if they succeed to pass the test they will be registered and concluded as regular and, s/he can stay in the college and can continue his/her studies further but if the one who couldn’t pass the test, s/he will be out of college no matter s/he is in the 3rd year of her studies or 4th year.

Recently, PMC visited the colleges, gave good remarks and registered them. The new batch students were registered but the students of 4th are still unregistered and PMC is going to take special examinations to the students of 4th year. The Government officials, principles and Health ministers want to escape from penalty so they are forcing the students to take the test but students are not agreed, they are saying if one of us could not pass the test we will loose our 4 year diligence. Students are on the roads once again, they are roaming around the courts and campaigning in front of Quetta press club in this cold and rainy weather whole the day and nights but our Government is still blind.

From pre medical to post graduation medical students are embedded with the oppression of Government. It would not be wrong if one says that our government is going to destroy our nation as if someone wants to destroy a nation she/he would obviate the education system. Medical use to be a secure future but now a days it has changed. A person thinks thousand times before selecting the field of medical.
Doctors are on the roads, who will treat you in hospitals? Doctors are in lock up, who will treat the females and the children?
Save lives, Save Doctors.


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