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The security forces entered the house and killed the two brothers. Sana Baloch

During the Balochistan Assembly session on Saturday, BNP Mengal Member of Parliament Sana Baloch drew the government’s attention to the protest of the families of the missing Baloch people outside the red zone by raiding the house of Haji Sana Allah in Kharan. The killing of two sons, hunger strike of teachers, protest of physiotherapists, killing of youth by firing in Quetta has been directed towards the investigation and said that concrete measures should be taken to solve the public problems.

Speaking on the point of order, Sana Baloch said that in response to the Ziarat incident, the people protesting outside the red zone have a very modest demand that a judicial commission be formed to inquire into the incident.

He said that Haji Sanaullah’s house was raided in Kharan and his two sons were killed and one was missing. What is the law to target children sleeping at home?

He said that the teachers are sitting on hunger strike in front of Quetta Press Club since July 18, JVT teachers in other provinces have been upgraded, but the teachers of Balochistan are on hunger strike till death in favor of upgradation, their demands are not being accepted.

He said that I had drawn the attention of the House regarding the salaries of the police department a long time ago, but there was no implementation. He said that the issue of physiotherapist sitting on protest in front of Quetta Press Club should be resolved.


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