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In Balochistan, the struggle for independence is going on. Aslam Raisani

Former Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani while addressing the lawyers’ ceremony in Islamabad High Court said that we always hear what Pakistan means, as far as La ilaha illa Allah is concerned, our faith is not complete without it. If you look at the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the civil court rejects the decision of the Shariah court or the Qazi’s court or the Majlis Shura, this is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, see for yourself. It is said that Allama Iqbal dreamed of Pakistan while Javed Iqbal says that he did not dream. Allama Iqbal is my favorite poet. When I recited Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s poem to a bureaucrat, he immediately forbade me to speak.

He said that if we try to hide the sun with one finger, then this is the case here, we tell lies upon lies to hide lies. They make us a commission here. Where did the Hamudur Rehman Commission go? May Allah have mercy on the Hamudur Rahman Commission, I have heard that the Hamudur Rahman Commission has also been amended. Pakistan was not created because there is oppression and oppression and killing of soldiers every day. Late Khan Mir Ahmad Yar Khan made an agreement with Jinnah in the name of Islam and we annexed Pakistan. Even today I keep tweeting this agreement to implement it.

The former chief minister said that dictatorship has been running in Balochistan for 75 years, parties are formed in two and a half hours, elections are held, constituencies are arranged in such a way that the names of different constituencies are written on a white paper and it is said that Make circles. How will the state run like this? We did not join Pakistan to be disrespected here. My brother was killed in the bomb blast, along with four hundred people, my first resolution in the assembly was to make CPEC a property of the House. They say that China is our friend, surely it will be, at least we Baloch and Pashtun will know what is our share in the route passing through our region. According to Nawabzada Humayun Jogezi, I cannot build a petrol pump or a restaurant on my land through which the CPEC route is passing, so what will we do with this route. There are many things but the people of Islamabad and the people of Pindi are not ready to listen.

He said that there is a freedom movement going on in the Baloch areas of our Balochistan, the Pakistani army says terrorism, no, there is a freedom movement going on there, there is no terrorism. There is also a similar freedom movement towards the Pashtuns, such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. They say that we want to separate the Pashtun areas. If the Pakistani establishment thinks that the situation can be fixed with guns and cannons, it is mistaken. Even today we say the same, including Pashtuns, that you cannot do anything with the power of a gun.

He further said that it was ISI people who picked up Obaidullah. When the Taliban came to Afghanistan, processions were held here. There are two news about the helicopter crash of General Sarfraz Ali in Quetta. One is from the American Embassy that we apologize that the helicopter was targeted due to a technical error. On the other hand, it came from the Baloch organization (Brass) that we have hit the helicopter, now what should be believed. In Gwadar, I have redeemed the lands captured in the master plan, I have given space to the Navy. We are to blame, the civilians are to blame, we go to the soldiers, if we are not there, there will be no abduction, nor will there be target killing, the same people are doing target stigma to our people.

He said that I have always said to release our missing persons, now I will not say that at all but now I will say to present our missing persons in court. One wonders why so many people who have gone to the mountains have gone there. These people are lawyers, doctors, engineers, these are educated people, they will not accept anyone, neither me nor you. One Baloch is fighting for freedom, the other side is the army and we are in the middle. If you throw us out, then what will happen here, only guns will be guns. You have to accept the rights of nations in this state. Jinnah did not give us freedom. Here Baloch were free, Pashtuns were free, Sindhis were free, Punjab was free. With your wrong policies, there is talk of independent Kashmir in Kashmir, how long will you suppress the people.

He said that Gwadar was taken away from us, the Chief Minister’s office is now the Brigade Headquarters. Pakistanis are struggling for their national rights within the federation, we are not breaking Pakistan, you are breaking Pakistan. They say that there is an intervention of India, Ra, I say that the father of India will come here, between Balochis and Pashtuns. In Balochistan, missing persons are taken out of cold storage and killed in fake encounters. We have to define what terrorism means.


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