Ill-treatment of families of enforced disappearances is a violation of civil rights – Baloch Women's Forum (Samraj)
Ill-treatment of families of enforced disappearances is a violation of civil rights – Baloch Women's Forum (Samraj)
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Ill-treatment of relatives of missing persons is a violation of civil rights – Baloch Women’s Forum

The spokesperson of the Baloch Women’s Forum has said in his statement that Balochistan is suffering from a serious humanitarian crisis, human rights violations are continuing rapidly, the issue of enforced disappearance is a sensitive issue that remains unresolved, the lives of thousands of families are connected to them. Women and children are the most affected who are facing mental anguish, anxiety and economic and social difficulties.

The spokesman said that the relatives of the missing persons are suffering from mental agony after the Ziarat incident. The relatives of many affected families have been protesting in front of the Governor House for the last eighteen (18) days for the safe recovery of their loved ones. He has not been heard from.

The spokesman said that the treatment of the families of the missing persons by the government and the country’s institutions as non-citizens is a tragedy. On the first day of the protest, police baton charge and shelling of tear gas on women and children and peaceful protesters was a shameful act. Pakistan’s law does not authorize violence against women and children or peaceful protesters, nor can the police be allowed to expose women and use offensive language against them. There is little to condemn the police violence and the government’s spectacle.

The spokesperson added that women and children sitting under the open sky day and night for justice shows the helplessness of the government. On the other hand, the so-called political leaders are not able to give anything but verbal consolations to the bereaved.

The spokesman criticized the government and said that the government is trying to put pressure on the relatives to end the sit-in, but according to the relatives, they have recorded their protest on every forum. Not Found. According to the relatives, they did not make any agreement with the government to end the sit-in. We are with the relatives in the sit-in until their demands are met, the sit-in will continue until the demands are met.

The spokesman of Baloch Women’s Forum finally said that we demand the federal government and the government of Balochistan to fulfill the demands of the relatives as soon as possible and take steps to solve the grave problem of enforced disappearance.


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