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Armed conflict on the border between Iran and Afghanistan; Taliban official: We killed one person

The local authorities of Iran and Afghanistan accused each other of starting the border conflict on Sunday
The local authorities of Iran and Afghanistan accused each other of starting the border conflict on Sunday

On Sunday morning, the Afghan media reported the armed conflict between the border forces of Afghanistan and Iran in the Darwish area of Kang district of this province, citing Maulvi Mohammad Ibrahim Hevad, the border commander of the Taliban. Mr. Hevad confirmed the killing of an Afghan border guard and the wounding of another person and declared the Iranian forces as the initiators of this conflict.

Nevertheless, Maisham Barazande, the governor of Hirmand city in northern Baluchistan, Iran, told IRNA that a cross-border clash between Iranian border guards and the Taliban took place on the border of Hirmand city located in Shagalak region.

Mr. Barazande also told Ilna that the cause of this conflict was “border encroachment” by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Tasnim news agency reported that this conflict occurred after some Taliban forces tried to raise the Taliban flag on Iranian soil.

According to the report of this news agency, in this conflict, the Taliban forces fired bullets at the houses on the eastern edge of Dost Mohammad city, and the volume of fire between the two sides intensified for several minutes.

However, on Sunday afternoon, the governor of Hirmand announced the end of the conflict and the withdrawal of the Taliban forces behind the border line of the two countries, stressing that there were no casualties among the Iranian forces.

So far, independent sources have not confirmed the death of one Taliban soldier and the wounding of another.

Iranian media claimed that during the past years, in the “Jackal” area of the central part of Hirmand city in Baluchistan province, walls have been built to deal with “smugglers and criminals”, walls that are inside Iran and a few hundred meters from the border of this country. It is located with Afghanistan and Taliban forces think that these walls are the border line of the two countries.

This was the second border tension between the two countries in the last three months. Five months ago, Taliban forces engaged in armed clashes with Pakistani border guards, during which two Taliban forces and five Pakistani border guards were killed.


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