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A video of the body of Majid Sargolzaei, who was executed in Dozap Central Prison

How may you want to execute? One day you will pay!

Rasanak / Tthe authorities of Dozap Central Prison executed the forty-year-old Baloch citizen named “Majid Sargolzaei”, a resident of Dozap (Zahedan).

Majid has been in prison since 2017 on drug-related charges.

The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Ra’isi, are directly responsible for the execution of Baluch citizens and the orphanage of Baluchistan children.

The Baloch people are fully convinced that the policies of the racist regime in Iran and plans such as the partition of Balochistan, demographic planning and occupation of the Balochistan coast (expansion of Makran coast) are all aimed at undermining the unity and integrity of the Balochistan people.

Now, with the increase of Baluch executions in prisons of different cities, it intends to cause terror, but the Baluch nation has repeatedly declared the red lines and the blood of these citizens will never be trampled and one day the leaders and criminals of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be brought to justice. .

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