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The youth of subjugated nations should not be a part of the ongoing state war in Balochistan. BSO free

Baloch genocide in Balochistan

The main spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad, while endorsing the statement issued by Manzoor Pashtun, the central leader of the Pashtun Protection Movement, said that at a time when all the nations of the region are suffering from the scourge of occupation, solidarity for the nations and The joint struggle is becoming inevitable. The oppressed and downtrodden nations should be aware of the oppression that is being inflicted on them and should refrain from becoming the vassals of the occupiers and should not become part of the exploitative process taking place on the lands of other nations by becoming the axis of the occupying power.

He said that Manzoor Pashtun’s message to the Pashtun youth not to be a part of the ongoing state war in Balochistan was a very strong political stand and an important need of the hour. The occupying Pakistani state is currently recruiting a large number of Pashtun youths into the FC and using them for Baloch genocide in Balochistan. At present, thousands of “Pashtun soldiers” are playing a role in prolonging the Pakistani occupation of Baloch lands. In this situation, the stand taken by Manzoor Pashtun is not only welcome but could be the beginning of a new debate in the political arena. At present, the oppressed and downtrodden people are not only understanding each other’s pain, but are also demonstrating solidarity against oppression and tyranny. While this artificial state based on lies has made different nations part of the federation by force of arms and has been using the oppressed nations against each other as fuel to ignite its occupation.

The spokesman further said that Baloch, Pashtuns and Sindhis are currently subjugated nations whose lands are being exploited by the state of Pakistan under various policies to perpetuate the occupation. The occupying Baloch have always used the manpower of other subjugated nations to intensify their exploitative policies on the territory and unfortunately the subjugated peoples especially the youth have been recruited in the army to play their role in the Baloch genocidal policy of the state. Have been doing The occupier always fuels the oppressed class, including the occupied and oppressed nations, and the purpose of this process is to use the power of the subjugated nations against other subjugated nations instead of the occupier to perpetuate the occupier’s occupation. ۔ That is why the oppressed class of Punjab has been made a part of the war in Balochistan with the oppressed and subjugated nations working on a meager wage under a scheme which is causing distances between the nations and prolonging the occupation. ۔

At the end of his statement, the spokesman said that the oppressed and occupied nations need not be aware of the heinous policies of the occupiers and not be part of any action which is based on exploitation and oppression of other subjugated nations. While certain sections of Punjab including Pashtuns and Sindhis are deprived of all kinds of employment opportunities, they are sent to Balochistan as part of the occupying and exploiting army where these people are exploiting the Baloch land, oppressing the Baloch people Baloch women are equal partners in the humiliation, disgrace and genocide of the Baloch nation. Therefore, it is time for the political parties of all the subjugated nations, including the Baloch, to start a political debate on this particular point to awaken the youth in their respective regions and prevent them from being used as state fuel. All subjugated Baloch youth should also be aware of the objective situation and refrain from enlisting in the regular forces, FC, Rangers, Navy and Air Force or refuse to perform their duties in Balochistan. While all the subjugated nations should organize the atmosphere of unity and solidarity among themselves as much as possible and make a joint struggle against this oppression.

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