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World should support free Balochistan for regional peace: Baloch leader Allah Nizar

China got Baloch group opposed to Pak declared terror outfit
China got Baloch group opposed to Pak declared terror outfit

By Allah Nizar Baloch

My nation, the young and elder of the Baloch nation, I salute you and your struggle a hundred times.

Today, the struggle of the Baloch nation has reached the point for which we have waited for
years — that our all elders and youth stand united against this national suppression. This is the greatest success of the Baloch nation.

I want to tell those people who put their trust and hope in the Pakistani Assembly, they should be clear that the fundamental human rights of Baloch and their national rights cannot be safeguarded there.

I want to say that today some of us joined the enemy for a tiny share, for a little piece of
bread, for a job as a sweeper or member of parliament or ministry or a two-month-long
tenure of the chief ministership. I think, it has no value.

The actual power and status quo belong to those who are the citizens of Punjab. Today,
Punjab’s prime minister and the opposition parties are asserting that they have no
confidence in the judiciary.

Therefore, I want to ask those respectable (so-called leaders), on what logic you have made a prophecy, or did you receive any revelation that the only protectorate of the fundamental rights of the Baloch nation is this Judiciary and Parliament?

In fact, these Assemblies, parliament, Establishment and the judiciary are united against the Baloch nation. Till today, if a minor incident occurs in Punjab, its court takes Suo Motu

But here, hundreds of thousands of Baloch were martyred and forcibly disappeared, but
where are these courts? All these courts and their commissions are quiet.

Therefore, it is essential for the Baloch to stop believing in them.

While the war for freedom has taken intensity, the world’s eyes turned on our nation.

Today, from the coastal area to Dera Gazi khan not a single place has been left, where the
Baloch national struggle has not rooted itself, the Baloch is fighting for its national freedom
which is surely resonating in the ears of the world.

But here I want to mention an actor, which is China.

I, on behalf of the Baloch nation, want to tell China that you should avoid being a partner of our occupier.

If China wishes to invest here, then it has to wait till Baloch gets its sovereign state. Then you would be in a position to negotiate an agreement and trade.

As you have gone through a similar movement and revolutionary process, I want to tell the communist party that in Balochistan, in the name of CPEC, you are expelling the Baloch nation, you are banishing Baloch from their native land, you are destroying the properties of the Baloch nation.

Around 0.15 million people are forced to migrate just between the area of Rakhshan and
Kech on the CPEC route. Those are the natives of this land.

You (China) cannot fight with a living nation. As China no one defeated your struggle, you term yourself as a great nation, in the same way, Baloch is also a living nation.

I want to tell you on behalf of the Baloch nation, don’t be a partner of Punjabi in committing our genocide.

Secondly, I also want to tell the Canadian-based Barack Gold, that you have started
investment in Reko Diq without the will of the Baloch nation.

Therefore, it is advised to stop this, otherwise, you would be responsible for the loss of property and investment.

Today, in the exploitation of Baloch national wealth, Punjab does not need Baloch.

Have a look at Baloch PhD holders, doctors and engineers are being martyred, Degree holders are being martyred, intellectuals are being martyred, shepherds and labours are being martyred and every single Baloch is considered as an enemy.

Punjab, the enemy of Baloch, even sets fields and jungles on fire on Baloch land.

Today, the Baloch nation and Baloch youth are fighting their enemy with intensity and courage.

I request to my Baloch nation that, we have to increase the intensity of this fight as we
intensified it today, tomorrow it should be more intensified, day after tomorrow take it to
next level so that we reach our destination.

This is a testing struggle. Whenever I say this is a testing struggle, I mean that our upcoming generation, our grandchildren would reap the fruit of this struggle. They should be owners of this land and make all their decisions by themselves.

I expect our neighbouring countries, including India, Afghanistan and Iran would support our struggle and wouldn’t oppose it. Because a stable, strong and free Balochistan guarantees peace and prosperity in this region. Otherwise, neither USA is secure from Pakistani terrorism, not Afghanistan nor India nor the UK or France.

Even Saudi Arabia and UAE are not spared from Pakistan’s terrorism. Wherever there is an
incident of terrorism or an evil act it is linked with Pakistan.

Therefore, if the world desires permanent peace and security in this region then it is a precondition to support the struggle for a free Balochistan.

Secondly, as United Nations is obliged to protect the fundamental human rights and the
right of freedom of the nations under the UN Charter, I, therefore, on behalf of the Baloch
nation appeal to the UN to act.

Pakistan is violating fundamental rights and tens of thousands of humans have been killed and hundreds of thousands of people were killed in custody or prisons.

Many graveyards have been formed: one is in Dasht Spelingi in Mastung.

Recently, the international media has also verified a new graveyard of unknown persons, on the same scale one was discovered in Tootak, one was discovered in Rakhshan; Panjagur one is discovered in Wadh, and to the same degree, graveyards are discovered in different parts of Balochistan.

Even in Mashkay, dozens of our friends were martyred, and innocent unarmed civilians
were martyred and later on buried in mass graves.

Uncounted people were secretly killed after being forcibly disappeared, and their bodies were thrown away in deserted areas, and no one knows about them.

There are people who were forcibly disappeared at a young age but now they turned old
and even their parents are unable to recognise them.

I appeal to the World they should accept the national status of the Baloch.

I appeal to the United Nations that it should declare Balochistan as a conflict zone.

I appeal to The United Nations and NATO to declare Balochistan a no-fly zone.

I am hopeful that the way the Baloch nation has continued its struggle it would reach its destination.

I have another request to my nation they should study, they must study, no matter the poor quality of education, although these educational programs stand against us but continue your education.

It is my request to my elders, and I request to young they should provide reduction to their younger brothers and their son and daughter. So that from this curriculum we would be able to, with many fits and starts, understand our national freedom.

I am hopeful this struggle and movement will inch ahead.

I appeal to youth, that they should in colleges, universities, engineering universities and medical colleges be united, and should know themselves, their nation, their land and the problems of their motherland.

Long live Balochistan
long live the national struggle for liberation
long live Free Balochistan

(Disclaimer: These are the views of Allah Nizar Baloch, who is the founder of Baloch Students Organisation-Azad & Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) )


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