Why criticize Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal once again.

Dr. Aziz Baloch

Why criticize Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal once again. Dr. Aziz Baloch

Nawab Murree is asked in an interview that you people say that there is insurgency in Balochistan but nothing is seen here? So Nawab Murree said that if you want to see this thing then look at the check posts, cantonments and barbed wire here step by step that you will find these things neither in Punjab nor in Sindh nor in Islamabad. The test is needed.

In the same way, if in the crowd of chiefs and nawabs you have to look for the warlords who are connected with the Baloch homeland and the regional political mindset and the war of consciousness, then listen to the enemy and he says three chiefs. The other 70 chiefs in my lap are the only three chiefs in Balochistan who, according to him, are muezzins while the people are muezzins of the voice of truth.

I believe that the people of Gwadar have organized a historic rally and linked the leadership of Baloch political psychology with the public awareness. Denial of war is a sin, but some political idiots are trying unsuccessfully to bridge this gap with criticism of Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal and the BNP. Can do

This is a caravan. It is a journey. In it, everyone is presenting a practical example of engagement with struggle according to his or her ability. From becoming or becoming the voice of the students, everyone has been fueling this caravan with an effort of their own, not by stopping on the journey, pulling each other’s legs and throwing mud, this is the reason for our distance from the destination. Can become

Here, from the beginning of imperialism, there is an attempt to make the enemy emotional first, like the dialogue of the movie “Dingal”, then defeat him, because in emotion, he stops making decisions with his mind.

If this term is linked to the psychology of nations, it would be more accurate to say that the imperialist ambitions want the Baloch to spend their journey in the flow of sentimentality on their fellow travelers, as we have seen in the 2008 decade. We have seen that from the emotional process to the BNP stage, the leaders were wrongly told that you too should get emotional and make the political mainstream emotional. The fuel for the selective killing was fueled by the eloquent tribute to Sardar Ataullah Mengal, who continued to slander his political views, convincing us that we are all somehow connected to each other. Take a political approach. We have always called you the apple of our eye. In the same way, we have the right to follow our own political goals, keeping in view the international laws and procedures.

Even in the past Baloch intellectuals whose names I do not want to write say that the right to self-determination is provincial autonomy but they did not realize that the word that has been included in the BSO constitution since 1967 is the right to self-determination. And if one carefully studies the UN Charter, there is no word for nations other than the right to self-determination, which depends on the demand for international terminology from Catalonia to Scotland to South Sudan to Kashmir.

My goal is not to sprinkle salt on the wounds of any organization or leader of the nation but instead of wasting your energy on benefactors, go ahead with the journey. We are facing motives like genocide. Don’t let theft make us more resentful. Don’t we learn a lesson from history by looking through the mistakes of the past?

Nations that do not learn from history are plunged into darkness.

Similarly, Nelson Mandela, Sir Syed and many other leaders have gone through the traits of treason in their lives and history has not stopped calling them heroes. Why don’t we leave many efforts to history?

The chief who suffered from the abduction also lost his elder brother from the beginning. He went to the jails with his father. He still has the same tone and thinking. His words are his character. If you have gathered people in Gwadar, then he has also stood on a high peak and held a seminar on missing persons and your sit-in also includes his thoughts and mindset. He is not coming. He is not leading. Did he complain to you that Gwadar Long March has become an adornment of the jail from the streets. Didn’t complain why you weren’t present with him?

Just continue that journey. You too, continue the journey. This is a long hike according to Sangat (a non-Pand). Let them follow their political ways. You also continue your journey. Will be ready to grab the other’s collar.


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