Turbat in Eastern Balochistan

Turbat, town Baluchistan

Turbat City Landmark & Historical Place

Turbat, town, Eastern Balochistan province. The town is located on the left bank of the Kech River, which is a tributary to the Dasht River. The area in which Turbat is situated is drained to the south by the Dasht River; the Makrān Range to the north and east descends to coastal plains in the south. The town is a marketplace for dates grown in the surrounding region and has a date-processing factory. Jowar (sorghum), barley, wheat, and rice are also grown, and livestock are raised. Points of interest in Turbat include the former palace of the nawab (a provincial governor of the Mughal empire) of Makrān, the Jama Mosque, and a rest house. Roads link Turbat with Panjgūr and Kalāt to the northwest and with Pasni to the southeast. Pop. (1998 prelim.) 67,905.

Protests over Baloch woman's house arrest in Turbat Balochistan
Protests over Baloch woman’s house arrest in Turbat Balochistan


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