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Earthquake Strikes Flood-Hit Baluchistan north-northwest of Fannuj

Earthquake Strikes Flood-Hit Sistan and Baluchistan
Earthquake Strikes Flood-Hit Sistan and Baluchistan

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday struck Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province north-northwest of Fannuj, which has already been hit by severe floods.

According to Hassan Masafa, deputy of the Sistan and Baluchistan Red Crescent Relief and Rescue, the earthquake’s depth of 80 kilometers prevented any reported damage in Fanuj district.

However, the US Seismological Center recorded a slightly lower magnitude of 5.4 and a shallower depth of 35 kilometers.

The quake comes amidst a challenging week for the region, which has been grappling with floods.

The meteorological organization has issued an orange warning, anticipating a new rainfall system impacting the southern and southwestern parts of the province.

Local authorities report that 1,947 villages have been affected by the floods.

Despite official promises and reports, local Baluch sources say that houses remain flooded, roads blocked, and some villages still lack water and electricity.


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