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The brave people of Zahedan came to the streets after Friday prayers

The brave people of Zahedan came to the streets after Friday prayers once again to protest against the crimes of the regime in Baluchistan. They chanted the slogans of death to Khamenei, my martyred brother, I will avenge your blood, I swear by the blood of our comrades, we will stand until the end.

The protesters were carrying placards that read: “Zahedan, bastion of resistance against the shah’s dictatorship and theocracy”, “Baloch people will never submit to the monarchy and the oppression of theocracy” and “Baluchistan people’s slogan: Death to the oppressor.” Shah or Leader (Khamenei)”.

In the morning, the regime disrupted Zahedan’s Internet, deployed repressive forces in the streets, pitched tents and blocked the roads leading to Zahedan Mosque to prevent people from gathering and protesting. The IRGC mercenaries also tried to neutralize the people’s protests, but the Baloch compatriots bravely confronted them with resounding cries of “Shame, shame”.


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