Human rights violations are serious in Balochistan.
Human rights violations are serious in Balochistan.

Human rights violations are serious in Balochistan.

Reacting to the human rights violations in Balochistan on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the spokesman of the Baloch Solidarity Committee said that the human rights violations in Balochistan are at a serious level. You have to play your part.

Programs in Gwadar, Islamabad and Karachi suggest that the whole of Balochistan is in protest. The judiciary has to break its silence on the grave human rights violations in Balochistan and implement the decision of punishment in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan. Ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan are a violation of Pakistan’s own constitution. If this continues, the situation will spiral out of control in the future. People are facing severe difficulties, even for water, people are now forced to take to the streets in thousands. Today thousands of people have come out in Gwadar for their dignity and basic rights but the judiciary and responsible institutions of the state have completely ignored Balochistan.

The spokesman said that serious human rights violations have been taking place in Balochistan for the last two decades. The institution is not showing interest in solving the problems of Balochistan which is a great tragedy. Pakistan’s media, mainstream political parties, judiciary and human rights organizations have also remained silent on the ongoing serious human rights violations in Balochistan. People in all corners of Balochistan are facing the worst atrocities but no state body is talking about human rights violations in Balochistan and no practical steps are being taken to stop them. The main responsibility of the state institutions is to protect the rights of the citizens but instead of protecting the rights of the citizens, the attitude of all the institutions is negative towards Balochistan, the reaction of which we are seeing all over Balochistan today.

The spokesman concluded that on the one hand human rights day is being observed all over the world while on the other hand people in Balochistan are protesting for their rights but instead of protecting their rights all institutions in Balochistan are involved in human rights violations. Are present It is the responsibility of the Supreme Court to play its role against these abuses in Balochistan and fulfill its basic responsibilities.

Economic rights have been taken away from the people. People are protesting to get out of the state, but instead of giving them their rights, they are being further suppressed, a clear example of which is the arrest of senior Baloch leader Yousuf Musti Khan. It is the responsibility of the ruling party and the judiciary to play its pivotal role in preventing serious human rights violations by the security forces in Balochistan.


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