General body meeting of Basak Khuzdar zone held, Hirbiyar Baloch elected zonal president

General body meeting of Basak Khuzdar zone held, Hirbiyar Baloch elected zonal president

General Body Meeting of Baloch Students Action Committee Khuzdar Zone was held under the chairmanship of former zonal president Khairjan Baloch in which Central Committee member Rafiq Baloch participated as special guest. After introductory session, Central Circular, Zonal Preliminary Report, Critical Session, Organizational Affairs, Global and Regional Political Situation, new Cabinet was selected in the next strategy in which Hirbiar Baloch was elected Zonal President and Salman Ashraf General Secretary. Are

Addressing the meeting, Rafiq Baloch, a member of the Central Committee, said that the Baloch Students Action Committee since its inception has been aimed at developing the consciousness of Baloch students on an institutional basis by promoting institutional attitudes. Can highlight the importance. Today, we can certainly say with pride that due to the conscious struggle of Basak’s colleagues, we have succeeded to some extent in inculcating institutional attitudes in Baloch society, but We need to continue to work hard to promote it. The main reason for this is that societies can only move forward on an institutional basis, be they political institutions, or social institutions.

Today, at this crucial juncture in history, a lot of responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of the youth. The struggle to travel as a student needs to be intensified. Today, Baloch society is deprived of all basic human amenities. Education and health are two basic necessities that are necessary to sustain human lives, but the state of education in Balochistan is obvious to all. The forcible disappearance of students from educational institutions, or the struggle for their recovery, on the other hand, the closure of hospitals across the province for the last several weeks and the constant harassment of young doctors is a matter of concern. Institutions are already numbered and their protest lockout and government indifference is making the people here more confused.

Addressing the gathering, he said that we must continue our struggle for the awareness of our youth. And practical steps will have to be taken to make the educational institutions here functional, including highlighting their problems.

After the meeting discussed the zonal report, critical session, organizational issues, global and regional political situation, several decisions were taken in the future strategy and election of new zonal cabinet was carried out due to completion of constitutional term of previous cabinet. ۔ In which Hirbiyar Baloch Zonal President, Dr. Ahmed Baloch Vice President, Salman Ashraf General Secretary, Balach Baloch Deputy General Secretary and Aleem Mirza Zonal Information Secretary were elected.

Central Committee member Rafiq Baloch administered oath to the newly elected zonal cabinet.


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