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Every day they label us one day and we are accused of selling fuel; One day…

When we received the fuel quota for our heavy equipment from the municipality, we simply paid the approved amount of the municipality and received a letter of introduction to the oil company; We used to receive our fuel, but for a year now, we have been referring to the Silence Office and the Heavy Machinery Trade Union. (However, many loaders and bulldozers work for people for an hour and do not stay with an employer for a whole month) But with all these issues, we still see in the end no delivery and fuel allocation.

Either at the end of the month they confirm that the sellers do not cooperate and do not deliver the fuel, or we cannot take it out and use it due to the end of the month and the existence of system problems.

It should be noted that this amount of three thousand liters, according to the device ID card, is not enough for a month and work at all, but we are forced to follow it, but they do not give even this small quota.

What is the guilt of someone who has bought billions of devices and whose capital is this device, from which several people directly or indirectly make a living, who suffers so much?

Is the law of other cities different from Pahreh (Iranshahr).

This is not the routine in other parts of the province at all.

But the officials in Pehre do not care about the interests of the people.

Now, after 15 days from September of this month and after not confirming and following up on the issue, everyone informed us that we are inactive and should not return.

I wonder what is the basis for being inactive in the eyes of these officials !!

Isn’t there anyone who hears the voice of this group, who has always been present on the scene without pay in times of need, or we have helped in situations such as the Diyeh headquarters?

Please, let someone be our loud voice.

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Written by Rajank


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