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Civil governance in Balochistan is nominal, solutions to problems are beyond their reach – Khalid Waleed Saif

civil governance in Balochistan is nominal

civil governance in Balochistan is nominal

The visit of the Chief Minister of Balochistan is nothing but a formality. The Chief Minister has no authority to solve the basic problems. The purpose of the visit is to weaken the people’s uprising in Makran. These views were expressed by Khalid Waleed Saifi, Provincial Deputy Amir of JUI-Balochistan and Amir of Ketch District in his statement.

He said that civil governance in Balochistan is nominal and the solution to the problems is beyond their reach. They are helpless in the matter. Every house in Makran is affected by the public humiliation at the border, trawling and check posts.

He said that thousands of people are fighting not only for water and electricity but also for basic human rights. Continuity is being maintained as this will lead to further turmoil. The forces that have decisions and policies regarding Balochistan will consider these situations as graffiti and end the continuity of previous policies regarding Balochistan and give people basic rights and livelihood. Give the right.

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