Balochistan Military Abduct a Whole Family and 40 others

Relatives of missing Pakistanis hold pictures of their loved ones in a demonstration during Human Rights Day in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province, on December 10, 2018

Balochistan Military Abduct a Whole Family and 40 others

Aliquet odio bibendum non. Nam vitae libero mauris. Suspendisse vitae purus ligula. Morbi sed diam eget dolor posuere convallis vel vel nisl. Nulla sagittis efficitur ex, at sodales massa pulvinar a. Nunc quis lacinia eros. Fusce ac ipsum gravida, tristique sed felis augue dictum nec consectetuer quis. – #SaveBalochWomen – #Balochistan: Pakistani Military forces abduct a whole family and 40 others Baloch, Five civilians were injured in the Pakistan military’s indiscriminate mortar shelling attacks on the civil population of the village.

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