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Balochistan Government-In-Exile Appeals To PM Modi For UN Support In Gaining Freedom From Pakistani

Quadri’s plea comes as she tours the world, gathering international backing to address the reported atrocities and human rights violations faced by the Baloch people under Pakistani rule.

China in committing atrocities against the Baloch people

Prime Minister of the Balochistan government-in-exile, Naela Quadri, recently sought the support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the United Nations (UN) in their bid for freedom from Pakistan’s illegal occupation. Quadri addressed reporters and urged Prime Minister Modi and the BJP government to take the opportunity to support Balochistan’s cause at the UN.

Quadri emphasized that Balochistan was once an independent country but is now under the illegal occupation of Pakistan, which is exploiting its mineral resources and subjecting its people to various atrocities. She highlighted the grave situation in Balochistan, with reports of rape, arson, and violence against the Baloch people, making a case for their freedom and justice, according to PTI.

Additionally, Quadri accused Pakistan of involving China in committing atrocities against the Baloch people. She called on India to stand with Balochistan at the UN, promising reciprocal support for India in the future when Balochistan regains its freedom.

Quadri also drew attention to the commonalities between India and Balochistan, both having faced challenges due to religious factors. She expressed that both regions have been oppressed in the name of religion.

During her efforts to gather support for Balochistan’s freedom, Quadri was accompanied by the chief priest of the Dasna temple, Yati Narsinghanand, who has faced accusations of delivering a hate speech against Muslims in the past.


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