Will Pakistan exist within the next 20 years?

Today’s conditions don’t show very much promise.

People Name in Country: Baloch, Western

If you mean by land of Pakistan well it will be there but if you talk about Pakistan sovereignty it would be gone. about my statement but the way the Pakistani government is outsourcing Pakistan (Airports, Agriculture, Entertainment, Industries, Civil law and order, Dams, power plants etc.) it is not far that you will see Chinese companies everywhere in Pakistan and you will be labourers or better workers in those.

If Pakistan had opened trade with India, and Afghanistan then it could have boosted its domestic manufacturing. You might consider India as your enemy but if the trade was there then it wouldn’t have thought of acquiring Pakistan like China is doing.

But now it’s too late, you are being sold to the Chinese and it will be better for you to learn Chinese as you have to work in Chinese firms so it will be an advantage to become an upper-level worker.

I know many of you will say this and that about my answer but if you want to feel the reality search from where you are getting tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cotton, apples and other vegetables after having most fertile land in the world. Sorry brothers but after having so good piece of land in the entire world you are in making of a FAILED STATE.


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