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Silent executions continue as Iran executes one Baloch every six hours

DOZZAAP (ZAHEDAN): Iran has executed at least 13 Baloch inmates including two women in the past 72 hours which sums up to one Baloch being executed in less than every six hours.

The gruesome executions of Baloch prisoners were carried out in different prisons in Iran and other Baloch inmates have reportedly been moved to isolation cells to implement their death sentence in the days to come.

The Two women and ten Baloch hanged in the past 72 hours have been named Musa Gorgej, Ehsan Gorgej, Abdullah Zahrozai, Medina Sabzevan (female), Aminullah Karimi Qoljaei, Mohammad Shibak, Gul Mohammad Naroi, Abdul Sattar Shahouzahi, Nematullah Regi Ladiz, Eid Muhammed Shadan, Mahmoud Rahmani and the identity of the second female prisoners could not be ascertained as the time of filing this new report.

They were executed on different charges. Three inmates among them were executed in Birjand prison, six were executed in Zahedan central jail and Iranshahr and one in Mashhad’s Wakeel Abad prison.

27-year-old Mohammad Shibak son of Saeed was a father of four and his death sentence had not been sanctioned yet but on 30 April 2023, the Iranian forces executed him in silence without the knowledge of his family. Shibak was arrested under drug-related charges. He was a resident of the Karim Abad area of Zahedan – the capital of Iranian-Occupied Balochistan.

The female inmate Madina Sabzwan daughter of Ghulam Mohammad Shibak was 39 years old and a mother of five children. She was a resident of the Sher Abad village of Zahedan. She was reportedly a close relative of Mohammad Shibak.

47-year-old Abdullah Zahrozahi son of Zawan Khan was a resident of village Malik in district Zadul Balochistan.

Another four inmates including Abdul Sattar Shahozaei son of Akbar, and 42-year-old Eid Mohammad son of Jumma. The father of six Niamatullah Regi Ladiz AKA Abdul Hamid Rodini son of Hajid Hanif, and Mahmoud Rehmani son of Raes were executed on 29 April, 2023 in Zahedan and IranShahr prisons.

Sources reported that Abdul Hamid was arrested in Shiraz three years ago and was sentenced to death but his sentence was cancelled five months ago. However, on April 29 he was executed in silence without informing his family. Previously, his family was told that he will be released on bail but he was executed unexpectedly.

On the following day, 30 April, 2023 two Baloch prisoners a man and a woman were executed in Zahedan central jail. The man was identified as 31-year-old Gull Mohammad Naroi son of Mohabat from Zahedan whereas the woman’s identity could not be immediately confirmed.

On the Dawn of 1st May 2023, Iranian forces executed 40-year-old Aminullah Karimi Qoljaei son of Naik Mohammad in Wakeel Abad prison in Mashhad Iran. Karimi father of five was arrested along with his wife on 8 July 2020. An Iranian revolutionary court sentenced him to death whereas his wife was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Meanwhile, on 1st May 2023, at least one Baloch prisoner imprisoned in Yazd prison was transferred to the quarantine section by the officials of this prison to execute his death sentence.

He has been identified as 32-year-old Sabur Shahbakhsh son of Mehrab from Bakhsh Korin region (Gologah, Haj Abad) in Zahedan.

Sources told Baloch Warna News that Sabour was arrested in Yazd in 2022 and was sentenced to death by the revolutionary court of the same city in early 2023.

It should be mentioned that Sabour’s brother Kamal Shahbakhsh was executed in Kerman prison a few years ago on alleged drug charges.

Iran has accelerated silent executions in Balochistan since Baloch people started unending protests against in from December 2022 father the rape of a Baloch girl by the Chabahar police chief. The anger of the Baloch was further fueled when Iranian forces shot dead at least 20 peaceful protesters in Zahedan Balochistan.

Baloch people come to streets in different cities of Iranian Occupied-Balochistan to record their protest every Friday since Zahedan Massacre. Their protests have been calm and peaceful despite the Iranian forces’ attempts to incite and instigate violence.

Considering the security situation in Balochistan, the number of executioners is likely to be more than what has been reported so far. This terrible statistic speaks of the immense anger and hatred of the Islamic Republic of Iran Baloch.

The Iranian state seems unable to confront the mass protests in Balochistan and is now trying in vain to break the morale of the Baloch people by extra-judicial executions.


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