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Seven Pakistani army personnel were killed in a remote-controlled explosion in Awaran. BLF

بلوچستان لبریشن فرنٹ
بلوچستان لبریشن فرنٹ

Major Ghoram Baloch, the spokesman of Baluchistan Liberation Front, said in a statement released to the media that the BILF killed the enemy in a remote control bomb attack between the IDP areas of Kenichi and Hotan (Kulwah), the headquarters of the Pakistani army. We targeted a convoy of vehicles.

He said that in this attack, one vehicle of the Pakistani army was completely destroyed, while one vehicle was partially damaged. In this attack, seven soldiers of the enemy’s army were killed and many wounded.

The interpreter said that this action against the enemy was carried out on Friday at 5:30 pm. A convoy of Pakistani army vehicles was targeted in the remote control IED explosion.

He added that seeing the increase in the movement of the Pakistani army and the aggressive actions against the civilians, the attack was planned against them so that the free movement of the enemy could be restricted.

He said that in order to perpetuate its occupation of Baluchistan, the Pakistani army wants to spread fear and terror in the population and make the Baloch people detached from the political and social affairs of Baloch Golzmin. Attacking the villages and forcing the youth to disappear is the continuation of the brutality of the Pakistani army. The Baluchistan Liberation Front is aware of the enemy’s activities and is always working to protect the interests of the Baloch people. The enemy is intoxicated by the pride of his power, but our regular attacks will destroy the progress, compromises and plans.

The spokesman said that the Baluchistan Liberation Front of Pakistan has accepted responsibility for the infamous attack. These attacks in Baluchistan will continue until Azadi Tek.


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