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On March 27, Pakistan occupied Balochistan, BNM will observe Black Day.

there will be protests in Germany, UK and Netherlands.

On March 27, Pakistan occupied Balochistan, BNM will observe Black Day.
On March 27, Pakistan occupied Balochistan, BNM will observe Black Day.

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement has said in his statement that the Baloch nation rejects the forced annexation. March 27 is the day of Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, on this day Black Day will be celebrated. Hankin and chapters of BNM will protest against the occupation.

BNM’s series of protests will begin in Germany, where a protest will be held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on March 23 at 1 a.m. local time.

On March 24, a protest will be held at Dam Square, Amsterdam in the Netherlands from one to two o’clock local time and a rally will be held to educate local people about Balochistan.

On March 27, a protest will be held in Piccadilly Garden, Manchester, UK. Protesters will be present at the protest site from 2 to 4 pm local time.

BNM Shaheed Rashid Mishke – Awaran Hankin will organize an organizational level program on March 27 to train workers and create awareness about this day, in which members can also participate online. This program Balochistan It will be at 7pm local time.

The spokesperson of BNM said that Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan is always like a fresh wound on the body of Balochistan. This day will never be forgotten by the Baloch nation. Until freedom is achieved, this day is a day of remembering slavery and resistance. It will continue to be celebrated as ‘Black Day’ to connect.

He said that in order to end the Baloch resistance after the occupation, atrocities were committed on the Baloch nation in the last 76 years and they were deprived of all human rights. Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan is the root of Balochistan’s problems, without cutting the prosperity of Baloch nation and the development of Balochistan is not possible. That the Baloch nation cannot accept the slavery of Pakistan and the forced annexation of Balochistan.


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