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Nawab Nohani died in the direct shooting of Rask County Intelligence Department forces in Mortan region

Intelligence Department forces (Military forces)

جان باختن شهروندی که چهارشنبه در راسک در پی شلیک مستقیم نیروهای اطلاعات مجروح شده بود

The death of a citizen who was injured on Wednesday in Rask due to the direct firing of intelligence forces

According to Vash’s report, he was injured by the direct shooting of Rask intelligence department forces in Mortan area of this city and died in Imam Ali Chabahar hospital.

The identity of this Baloch citizen “Nawab Nohani” from Bardig clan from Dashtiari city has been confirmed

It should be noted that a citizen with the identity of “Elahi Bakhsh Kalmati”, about 35 years old, the son of Rahim from Bakhsh Rimdan, was targeted, and he died in the first moments.

And such a citizen with the identity of “Arif Kalmati” from Rimdan district of Dashtiari city, who was with Nawab and Elahi Bakhsh, was arrested.

According to current sources: “Elahi Bakhsh, along with Nawab and Aref, were passing through the Mortan Regiment area with a Toyota Hilux car without a license plate that had just been purchased, when they were shot by the Rusk Intelligence Department forces without prior warning.”

According to the annual report of Haal Vash in 2022, 243 Baloch citizens were killed by direct fire by military forces and unknown armed persons who are affiliated with military apparatus.


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