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More than 400 hectares of land were taken from the Balochs!

In continuation of the national land acquisition project of Balochistan, more than 400 hectares of land were taken from the Baloch people.

According to Rasd Balochistan report, the Director General of Natural Resources announced that we succeeded in confiscating more than 400 hectares of quality lands of the people of Zahedan for the benefit of the government.

This action is carried out under the name of “removal of possession”.

With the increase in occupation projects called the development of Makran beaches, whose secretariats are in the hands of the Ministry of Defense and the Revolutionary Guards, the destruction of Baloch houses and the handing over of land to retired armed forces has increased significantly.

Baloch activists consider these measures to be in line with the government’s policy of changing the population structure of Balochistan.

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