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Authentication of the injured fuel trafficer after the shooting of military forces in Rusk city

According to the Baluchistan Observatory report, a Baloch fueler who was wounded on Wednesday, November 10, 2023, after being shot by military forces in the area of Jakigor village of Rask county, was identified.

The identity of this Baloch fireman is 26-year-old Navid Gholamzahi, the son of Gholam Shah and a native of Anza village in Sarbaz city.

It should be noted that Navid’s injury by the regime’s military forces led to their conflict with the people and people throwing stones at the military forces.

The lack of jobs in Balochistan has caused Baloch youths to turn to the dangerous job of burning fuel, and every year hundreds of Baloch youths die due to direct shooting by military agents, chases and traffic accidents.

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