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Maulana Abdul Hameed demanded clarification and implementation of justice on the issue of rape to the Baloch teenage girl

صدها بلوچ بعد از نماز جمعه کشته شده اند – Hundreds of Baloch have been killed after Friday prays

According to Kalema TV, at the same time as the protests in Balochistan intensified, Maulana Abdul Hameed Imam Juma Ahle Sunnah Zahedan called for clarification and implementation of justice on the issue of sexual assault on 15 Baloch girls by a system.

Hundreds of Baloch have been killed after Friday prays

By publishing a statement with public concern about the police officer’s rape of a Baloch teenage girl, he wrote:
The request of the scholars and the general public to the judicial system and relevant authorities is that this incident, as well as the issue of the brutal murder of a sister that happened a few months ago in Chabahar region, should be dealt with impartially and taking into account the truth and reality, in a special and extraordinary manner and in the shortest possible time. It may be investigated and clarified in this field so that people’s concerns about the possibility of concealing the truth will be resolved and the criminal will be punished as soon as possible in a fair manner, because the implementation of justice will relieve the zeal of the people.

This statement adds: On behalf of the office of Imam Juma’ah Ahl al-Sunnat Zahedan, investigations and follow-ups regarding the mentioned issue continue with special attention.

This reaction comes at a time when the students of Chabahar University of Navigation and Marine Sciences announced a strike and non-attendance in classes in protest of the rape of a 15-year-old Baloch girl and the murder of Mehsa Amini by the government.

On the last night of October 5, 1401, protesters in Sarbaz city created roadblocks by gathering at the entrance of Kalat city.

On the other hand, it was reported that last night, despite the intense security situation in Chabahar and continuous shooting by the military forces, Baloch protesting youths set fire to many buildings of the repressive military forces in Chabahar.


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