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Management scandal and carelessness of the trustees in organizing the affairs of the meeting of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan

🔴 management scandal and carelessness of the trustees in organizing the affairs of the meeting of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan province with the Supreme Leader Madzaleh Al-Ali

🟣 The return of passengers encountered a problem! + #video

🟠 The trustees returned Noorchshmi and Aghazadeh home with the first flights and left the other passengers stranded and alone in the worst possible conditions.

🟡 Return flight cards were issued and distributed in batches, in bulk, without names, without planning, and without supervision.

According to the information and analytical news base of South East Horizon, some of the citizens of Sistani and Baluchistan who went to Tehran to meet with the Supreme Leader, after the end of the meeting ceremony, were killed by managers and custodians with sheer thoughtlessness and imprudence. The lack of a coherent and calculated planning left them at the airport, and with this unique role-playing of the claimant managers and mindless trustees, the sweetness of the trip became bitter to their palates.

♦ It should be mentioned that some of the passengers on this trip sent a message to the editorial office of the South East Horizon saying that the provincial managers left the citizens alone and returned to the province on the first flights.


The names of a number of people participating in Ali Khamenei’s show

1- Always a traitor in the scene of Maulvi Nazir Ahmad Salami
2- Maulvi Abdul Samad Sadati
3- Maulvi Mohammad Ishaq Madani (Dahwari)
4- Malik Fazli
5- General Genghis of Norway
6- Maulvi Khodabakhsh Shanbezahi from Kalk village, Ladiz district, Mirjaveh
7- Maulvi Abdul Mohsen Sadati, son of Maulvi Sadati
8- Maulvi Abdullah Sidi son-in-law of Maulvi Sadati
9- Juma Hosseinbar from Saravan
10- Maulvi Mohammad Jaafar Mohebi (has a marriage office in Khayam Zahedan Street)
11- Haji Bidullah Brahui (Shakarzahi)
12- Shahbakhsh Johar
13- Maulvi Abdulwahid Bozurzadeh, temporary imam of Chabahar
14- Mansour Bijar (Shahlibar)
15- Sheikh Isa Bazmani
16- Mohammad Raisi, CEO of the province’s electricity distribution company from Nikshahr
17- Abdul Baghi Sarkouri (one of the perpetrators of the arrest of Maulvi Amanullah Balochi)
18 – Bashir Salahzahi from Soldier
19 – Maulvi Abdul Khaliq from Hajiabad, Kishkur Sarbaz
20- Mullah Ilyas Ghazi, respected Friday imam of Abad, Fanuj section
21- Mullah Abdul Samad Damani from Iranshahr
22- Abdul Nasser Derakhshan
23- Moinuddin Saidi
24- Maulvi Habib al-Rahman Qahestani, professor of Hadith at Hanaf Khaf Seminary
25- General Khovyar Shahnavazi
26- Khodanur Brahui
27- Nawab Zarei Dadkan from Chahe Jamal Iranshahr
28- Haider Gole, son of Noor Ahmad from Zabul
29- Mehdi Imani alias Ali Alijani
30- Haji Rahmat Bahmani from Chabahar
31- Abdul Qadir Naroi from Mand Jalga Chah Hashem village
32- Sardar Alim Gumshadzehi
33- Haji Habib Gergij
34- Sardar Aziz Ahmad Rigi
35- Haji Abdul Ghafoor Kamalzahi Naskand
36- Subhan Dehwari
37- Shamsul Haq Ghazi
38- Molvi Akmal Jalghi
39- Maulvi Abdulrahman Zaranj from Dashtiari
40- Maulvi of Shanbakhsh branch from Pescove Saravan
41- Azam Hot, Rostam’s son from Nelinth Dashtiari
42- Ehsanullah Rigi, the former mayor of Ladiz
43- Hasher Regi from the gem of Khash mountain
44- Korosh Rasa Rigiaz Gohar Khash Mountain
45- Mustafa Mirbaluch Zahi from Nazil Khash
46- Younes Nehangi from Zarabad
47- Wali Muhammad did
48- Halim Gomshadzehi
49- Rahmatullah is ten dead
50- Rahmdel Bamari from Delgan
51- Haji Islam Rigi (Hosseinbar) from Saravan
52- Haji Naim Melai from Saravan
53- Barkat Mirmaradzehi from Saravan
54- The warrior of the soldier
55- Ali Bakhsh Abus from Telang
56- Ahmadreza Siahani
57- Aman Azizi, the son of Molabakhsh
58- Mohammad Karim Azizi from Koshok Qasrqand village
59- May God have mercy on Bahadurzah from Khash
60- Malik Muhammad was a Kurdi from Khash
61- Saifullah Bamri
62- Faiz al-Rahman Rasoulizadeh from Iranshahr
63- Haji Mohammad Rahim Sehavi from Lashar
64- Mehdi Bamri

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