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Indian police attacked Muslims who gathered for Friday prayers in New Delhi

Dr. Baluch: Praying in the streets and public thoroughfares is not correct

Dr. Baluch
Indian police attacked Muslims who gathered for Friday prayers in New Delhi today and tried to prevent them from praying in the street, but when they saw people gathered around them and started filming with their mobile phones, they retreated.

Undoubtedly, the behavior of the Indian police is very wrong and insulting and it is considered an insult to Muslims, but it should be known that praying in the streets and public thoroughfares is not correct at all because it is in the interests of Sharia to not harm people. Prayer has its own special place, which is mosques, and if there is a large crowd, the worshipers do not have the right to cross the barrier and pray in the alleys and streets and on the sidewalks and disturb the traffic and life of the people. If the population is more than the capacity of the mosque, the officials and with the coordination of the relevant and responsible institutions should provide the necessary arrangements for an easy and undisturbed event for the people. Your worship and mine should not disturb people and make them hate religion and Islam.

The incident reportedly took place in the capital’s Inderlok area.

A large number of Muslims gathered at a mosque in the Inderlok area on Friday, leading to several men praying on the road due to overcrowding.

A few police officials arrived at the spot amid mid-prayers and started kicking and punching the Muslims busy in their prayers.

The video shows one of them kicking and hitting the Muslims who were kneeling down for prayers. However, a crowd surrounded the cop and objected to his attitude.

According to the India Today, the official has been suspended with immediate effect.

Sharing the video of the incident, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Imran Pratapgarhi said: “This Delhi Police soldier kicking a person while offering namaz probably does not understand the basic principles of humanity.

“What is this hatred that is filled in the heart of this soldier? Delhi Police is requested to file a case against this official under appropriate sections and terminate his service.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police (north) MK Meena said that an inquiry into the matter has been initiated. The official has been suspended with immediate effect and disciplinary action will also be taken, the DCP added.


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