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Identification of two dead armed men in Iranshahr conflict with military forces

According to the current report of Vash, today, May 13, two of those killed in the conflict with military forces were identified in Jamal well of Iranshahr.

The identity of these two people, “Bahadur Shah Bakhsh”, the son of Ismail from Qala Beid Kurin Zahedan and “Kazem Shah Bakhsh”, the son of Genghis from Sarjangal Korin Zahedan, has been confirmed.

It should be noted that Kazem’s father was killed by military forces in 2015, he is a close relative of Yasir Shah Bakhsh who died on Friday, October 5th in Zahedan.

Some local sources have announced the number of armed people as three, but as of the moment of writing this report, there is no news.

According to the current sources, this conflict started around 13:30 in Chah Jamal area of Iranshahr and many military forces from the army, intelligence and intelligence were involved in this conflict and finally the local people protested the presence of the agents by throwing. stones.

Also, some unconfirmed reports indicate that two soldiers were killed and three others were wounded in this conflict.

According to local sources, military forces have used Grenfell, Kalashnikov and grenade weapons.


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