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Hey everyone please ! Write voice America to start Balochi service!

Pak Army forcibly disappears more than 43 Baloch in July – BYC
Pak Army forcibly disappears more than 43 Baloch in July – BYC

Mr. Kelu Chao Acting Chief Executive Officer U.S. Agency for Global Media 330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20237 Subject: Request for Initiation of Balochi Language Service Dear Mr. Chao, To introduce myself, I am a naturalized US citizen and while I speak as a private citizen, I believe I express the sentiment of the Baloch community worldwide. I am writing to appeal for the inauguration of a Balochi language service on Voice of America. This letter is fueled motivated by the sheer need for representation and support for our community, which despite its rich cultural heritage and linguistic distinctiveness, has been facing persistent, but seldom publicized , human rights abuses. Balochi, while not recognized as an official language in any country, is the mother tongue of around 9.2 million people dispersed across Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Most notably, Pakistan homes the most substantial number of Balochi native speakers at 7.07 million. Despite this significant population, its resources are inadequate to support the growth, preservation, and global appreciation of our language and culture.

Voice of America has persistently played a crucial role in fostering and assisting language communities across the globe under the noble oversight of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM). Great strides have been made to serve underrepresented populations and uphold democratic values worldwide by ensuring the free flow of unbiased news and information. Our earnest request is a manifestation of the faith we have in your commitment to these tenets. Adding Balochi to the repertoire of languages serviced by VOA can significantly help amplify the voices of the Baloch community, creating a platform to share and celebrate our rich, albeit often overlooked, cultural tradition.

Furthermore, this initiative will contribute enormously to shedding light on the dire human rights situation we have been contending with. Far too often, our plight is muffled by language barriers, geopolitics, and the inaccessibility to credible media sources. In conclusion, I believe that a Balochi language service would further the cause of justice, equality, and democracy at a global scale. It will work towards nurturing our unique linguistic and cultural identity while serving as a beacon for our struggles to reach a wider audience.


Waja Sohrab Baloch


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