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Free Balochistan Movement announces coordinated demonstrations on May 28

Free Balochistan Movement announces coordinated demonstrations on May 28
Free Balochistan Movement announces coordinated demonstrations on May 28

LONDON: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) in a press release announced that it would hold simultaneous demonstrations in three European countries against Pakistani nuclear tests in Balochistan which it carried out on May 28th, 1998, and terms the day as Aasrokh (a day of mourning).

The pro-independence Baloch party in its statement said that the demonstrations will be held in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom to highlight the aftermath of Pakistan’s nuclear tests that it carried out against the will of Baloch people in district Chaghai, Balochistan.

“FBM would let the world know about the harmful effects of the nuclear radiations that are permeating the eco-system of that region where local people, animals and plants are bearing the brunt of it,” the statement added.

The Free Balochistan Movement in its press statement said that after Pakistan’s 1998 nuclear tests in Chagai, drought and skin cancer and other radiation-induced diseases have become common among people. It has destroyed the ecosystems of the areas which has damaged the agriculture and livestock of our poor people.

Free Balochistan Movement announces coordinated demonstrations on May 28The FBM said that the demonstrations on May 28, aimed at creating awareness among European nations against the Pakistani nuclear tests that were unwanted and in this context the party activists will also run a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #NoToPakistaniNukes on social media on the same day.

It should be remembered that on that day, Pakistan conducted its nuclear tests against the will of the Baloch people even though Baloch leadership opposed these tests on Baloch soil.

FBM is constitutionally committed to the roadmap of the Balochistan Liberation Charter, (BLC) article 73 of which says: “Soon after regaining independence immediate action will be taken for the complete removal and eradication of all nuclear activities in Balochistan.

Nuclear tests were conducted, against the wishes and without the consent of the Baloch people, in Balochistan. They were carried out by Pakistan in the Raaskoh range and Chaagi district of Balochistan on 28th May 1998. An independent investigation, by the United Nations, on the impact of these tests on the people and environment in these regions in Balochistan will be requested. The areas that have been contaminated by radio toxicity will be cleaned and there will be independent scientific research carried out to establish the damage caused to the environment and the effects of radiation on the people living in these regions. The State responsible for this crime against the Baloch people will be held accountable and justice will be sought through the international system of justice. Any state held to account should also be made to pay compensation to those people affected by the disaster.”


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