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Fedayeen are successful in their aims – Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies


Fidayeen attacks for their political purpose in the world have a long history. Examples of Hassan Al-Sabah, Russia, and Greece are given in this regard.

Amir Rana, director of Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies and expert on extremism and militancy, says that whatever secular movements there have been, there has been a series of fidai missions, whether it is Japan or the Tamil Tigers.

He said that even the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka did not start the guerrilla attacks themselves, but they took this concept from Greece. These movements copy each other. A common perception is that it has religious influences while nationalism has its own influences and traditions.

Amir Rana says that the Baloch Liberation Front started this process in Iran in the 1973s. First against the Shah of Iran, then against the government of the revolution that followed, actions were carried out in the cities.

According to him, the intensity of this type of attacks is increasing in Baloch militancy in Pakistan and the reason for this is that educated youth are also coming to this movement.

“They have easy access to information and they know what kind of guerilla movements are going on all over the world, which attack might be more powerful.”

According to him, even if the mission fails, it gets so much coverage that it can become a problem for the state because the purpose of these attacks is to convey a message, which they succeed in.


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