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China is biggest enemy of Balochistan, says Baloch leader

China is making strides to solidify its foothold in Balochistan with the help of Pakistan.

Shaal (Balochistan): China is the “biggest enemy” of Balochistan and it is expanding its presence in the territory with the help of occupier Pakistan, a top Baloch leader has said.

The remarks by Dr. Naseem Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), have come days after a group of Chinese Engineers working in Balochistan was attacked by Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) in Gwadar, killing 4 of them along with 9 Pakistani soldiers guarding them.

Addressing a meeting of the BNM, he said China is making strides to solidify its foothold in Balochistan with the help of Pakistan.

The reference was apparently to the growing activities of China in Balochistan under the pretext of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Indigenous Baloch people have been complaining that China, along with Pakistan, is exploiting and looting the natural resources of Balochistan, which has rich reserves of oil and gas.

Giving vent to the seething anger, BLA, which is fighting militarily for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, carried out a suicide attack on a convoy of Chinese Engineers in the port city of Gwadar on August 13, the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Hours later, BLA issued a 90-day ultimatum to China to shut down its projects in Balochistan and leave the territory, failing which its nationals and assets would face serial attacks.

BLA bluntly made it clear to China that it will not allow exploitation of the resources of the Baloch land.

Dr Naseem Baloch said China is seeking to establish a bloc but lacks experience, and the world cannot collaborate with it based on its methods.

The BNM chief also referred to Pakistan’s deteriorating economic and political conditions, with no sign of political stability, and said, “the weaknesses of the (Pakistani) State present us with opportunities to enhance our performance.”

He said the Baloch movement does not owe its existence to any external force but originates from the legitimate desire of the Baloch nation to live free and with dignity.

“The authorities in Pakistan have misunderstood the situation and have been inconsistent in their policies toward the Baloch for the past 75 years,” he said, adding, “The inconsistency in their policies reflects the inability of Pakistan’s think tanks to provide a stable and consistent approach to the matter.”

The Chairman emphasized the need for the Baloch nation to maintain continuity in its struggle for freedom and urged the movement workers to increase their numbers with like-minded individuals to ensure the stability of their efforts.

He said BNM has established links with other organizations.

“Our relentless determination will ultimately compel the enemy to accept our freedom,” he said.

He clarified that the Baloch people are not advocating formation of a new country but only wanting liberation of Balochistan as an Independent nation as it existed before Pakistan occupied it in 1947.

Dr. Naseem noted that the right of self-determination is acknowledged in the United Nations’ laws and equates to freedom.


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