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Maulana Chabahari’s saying no to Ali Khamenei is as tall as Chabahar’s bent height during this period of protests

Maulvi Abdur Rahman was absent from Khamenei’s speech

Maulvi Abdur Rahman was absent from Khamenei's speech

Maulvi Abdur Rahman was absent from Khamenei's speech

According to the previous meetings of Maulawi Abdulrahman Molazhi with Khamenei and the rumors about his good relations with the government, it can be said that Maulawi Abdulrahman Molazhi, the Imam of Juma Chabahar, was absent from the meeting with the leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei. According to reports, despite the insistence and pressure of the provincial and national security agencies to participate in Khamenei’s speech, he responded negatively to this presence.

According to the information received by the government, this religious scholar was offered to travel by a plane equipped with medical facilities due to his unfavorable physical condition for not participating in the meeting, but he again refused to travel to Tehran to meet with Ali Khamenei.

Maulana Abdul Rahman Molazhi, who is known as Sheikh Al Hadith Chabahari, is one of the prominent scholars of Balochistan and is from the famous family of Sarbazi region and the brother of the most prominent contemporary cleric of Balochistan, Maulana Mohammad Omar Molazhi (Sarbazi). His elder brother was one of the precious scholars of Balochistan who was martyred by agents of the Islamic Republic in 2005 and his loss shocked the entire society of Sistan and Baluchistan.

Maulvi Abdurrahman during this period of protests due to the lack of clear positions regarding the people’s demand to punish the perpetrators and perpetrators of the killing of the worshipers on the bloody Fridays of Zahedan and Khash were criticized by the people and the families of those who were affected by the bloody Fridays of Zahedan and Khash and during this period with titles They were addressed in different ways, but now he said no to Ali Khamenei’s invitation, despite the pressure and insistence of high-ranking government officials in the form of the leader’s personal invitation for him and a meeting, but again, Rumi has firmly said no.

Two weeks ago, after saying no to the meeting with the President of the country, Ebrahim Raeesi, which was held under the title of a meeting of Sunni clerics and trusted believers, Maulana Chabahari was actually threatened by the security and intelligence agencies with the presence of plainclothes forces in his neighborhood and around his house. Was.

He had stated in face-to-face meetings with the people that in a meeting that is held for Sunni scholars to meet with the president and Maulana Abdul Hamid is not in it, it is not legitimate and acceptable and his presence in it is illegal.

Now, with his non-positive response to the invitation of Ali Khamenei after a long period of his silence regarding the lawsuit of the bereaved families and the rights-seeking positions of Maulana Abdul Rahman, it is a sign of his support for the positions of Maulana Abdul Hamid and the bereaved families of the Bloody Fridays of Zahedan and Khash, and the scholars of Tradition and people have considered not attending government meetings and especially meeting with Ali Khamenei as a condition for punishing all those who somehow played a role in the killing of people in Zahedan and Khash Fridays.

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