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Baloch revolutionary poet laid to rest in his hometown

The BSO-Azad awarded him with the honor of Shaer-e-Aashob (Baluchistan’s Poet of Revolution)

One of the revered Balochi language poets Mubarak Qazi passed away on Saturday in Turbat at the age of 68.

He passed away at the residence of a friend Turbat and his coffin was brought to the coastal town of Pansi in Gwadar Balochistan by a convoy of cars while thousands of Baloch lined up on the road to pay their respect and salutations to their national poet.

Thousands of people from different walks of life attended his funeral at the local graveyard in Pasni, Balochistan on Saturday evening.

Mubarak Qazi was born on December 24, 1956, at the house of Khauda Amanullah in Pasni, after matriculation from Pasni High School in 1972, he went to Karachi for further education and earned his BA graduation from Sindh Muslim Arts College in 1983. Then he returned to Balochistan as he could not continue his education due to financial difficulties and started looking after his family business.

In 1986 he graduated with a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Balochistan. After studies, he joined Pasni Fish Harbour Authority and retired as its director of finance.

Qazi started writing Balochi poetry in his Student days and some of his early poetry books published in 1990 was  Zar-nosht some of his top collections of Qazi included:

  • Shag Maan Sabzein Sawad
  • Mani Ahd e Gam e Qissa
  • Hani Mani Mathein Wathan
  • Murg Pa Quduhan Raptag ant
Balochistan: Baloch revolutionary poet laid to rest in his hometown

He has more than 10 collections of poetry to his credit. His poetry was recited and sung by famous singers including legendary singer late Noor Muhammad Bizenjo who rose to fame on the back of the Balochi poetry penned by Mr Qazi.

Late Mubarak Qazi had been a political activist since his adolescence. He was arrested in 1982 for the first time after he protested the death sentence handed to Baloch leader Hameed Baloch. He was held at Central Jail Mach at the time.

In 2007, the revolutionary poet spent eight months in jail in Turbat for his patriotic poetry. Several cases were lodged against him for his poetry making him the first Baloch poet to be implicated in a treason case.

A hand grenade was hurled at Qazi’s house in Pasni in 2013, he was not at home at the time of the attack but his wife was seriously injured.

He received an unhealing blow and never recovered from the grief of his son’s murder in 2014 but despite the devastating loss of his son, Qazi continued his patriotic struggle, work for literature and Balochi poetry. He was respected among all walks of life and his poetry inspired Baloch youth to participate in the freedom struggle.

He was a man of pure heart who had feelings and emotions his poetry was not only revolutionary but heart-touching too. Most of the Baloch singers were influenced by his writing and they felt more connected with literature when they sang Mubarak Qazi’s poetries. His nation and motherland were more important to him than his life since he was a true lover of Balochistan.

His untimely death saddened the entire Baloch nation irrespective of their political affiliations and thoughts as well as the well-wishers of Balochistan.

The BSO-Azad awarded him with the honor of Shaer-e-Aashob (Poet of Revolution) and all other pro-freedom personalities and political parties paid glowing tributes to Mubarak Qazi on his untimely demise.


Radical Baloch poet Mubarak Qazi is no more

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