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6 soldiers of “Sarwan” border regiment “Muk Sokhte were killed in a clash with Baloch militants.

6 soldiers of “Sarwan” border regiment “Muk Sokhte” company were killed in a clash with Baloch militants. Sarawan (Sistan and Balochistan Province): 6 soldiers of “Sarawan” Border Regiment “Maksukhta” Company were killed in a clash with Baloch militants. The perpetrators are three “Marzbani” first sergeants of the police force named: “Ali Ghani Ba Tadbir”, “Hussain Badamaki” and “Reza Borji” and three soldiers named: “Nasser Haidari”, “Mohammed Jamalzadeh”. ” […] More

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Balochistan has witnessed a 65 percent increase in population. A fair share?

The seventh population census is under way in Pakistan. The conduct and results of the census are important because in Pakistan the population figures determine, among other factors, the distribution of the National Assembly seats, job quotas and resource distribution under the National Finance Commission (NFC) among the provinces. Therefore, transparent conduct of the census is critical for smaller provinces like Baluchistan. Following the census of 2017, the […] More

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Pakistan – A Failing State

Pakistan ‘s military coup on October 12, 1999, engineered by its dismissed Chief of Army Staff, General Pervez Musharraf, brings into focus the notion that Pakistan is a failing State. Political theorists would keep splitting hairs as to what factors really constitute a failing state. Conventional wisdom would have it that a state, which is unable to guard democracy and its political institutions, whose economy has failed; a state that lacks social […] More

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