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Iran and Pakistan to suppress the Baloch on both sides of the border۔

Cooperation between Iran and Pakistan to suppress the Baloch on both sides of the border

What is worth pondering is the bitter truth that the victims of the attacks of the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan against the Baloch people on both sides of the border are mostly Baloch women and children. Baloch people, whom both governments call terrorists.

The IRGC accuses the Pakistan Army of supporting Jaish-ul-Adl, but does not dare to attack the positions of the Pakistan Army. Instead, it targets Baloch children in Panjgur region of Baluchistan province in Pakistan with its “girl child missiles”. In response to the Pakistani army, which owns atomic bombs and is proud of its authority, instead of attacking the base and in other words the main origin of IRGC missiles, Baloch children in the Saravan region of Balochistan in Iran are the targets of their “female rockets”. puts.

Another important point is that the IRGC, intoxicated by unilateral missile attacks on Iraq and Syria, never imagined that Pakistan would attack seven targets in Iran in retaliation for two targets and give what the Pakistani army calls a “teeth-breaking response” to Iran’s aggression. . According to the contents of the media of the Islamic Republic, it seems that the regime is not only frightened and frightened by this reaction of Pakistan, but has taken an intimidating and conciliatory position.

Pakistan presents exactly the same reasons for its attack that the Islamic Republic cited two days ago, i.e. “it respects Iran’s territorial integrity and has only killed its own citizens on Iranian soil”. Iran also said that it “respects the territorial integrity of Pakistan and has only killed its own citizens on Pakistani soil” and the bitter truth is that Baloch children are like chickens that are brutally slaughtered by both sides during mourning and weddings, and the world remains silent. slow

Also, for consecutive years, Iran and Pakistan have always accused each other of supporting armed groups against their respective governments.

Different Baloch armed groups in Pakistan call themselves “Sarmchar”. Sarmchar means someone who is a devotee and is not afraid to lose his head for his country. For this reason, the Pakistani army has called its attack Operation “Death to Sarmchar”, which even most Pakistanis do not understand its meaning.

It should be noted that almost all active Baloch people have condemned the attacks of Iran and Pakistan and called it “joint and mutual operation of Baloch killing” or “child killing”.

Abdul Sattar Doshuki
Balochistan Studies Center – London

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